TV time!

Tune in

This benign fellow brought us a book "To Serve Man" on "The Outer Limits."

Alan Funt was always asking us to smile on "Candid Camera."


Barney, Tonto and Opie.

Wayback machine

Sherman and his sidekick, Tonto.


The "Munsters."

Uncle Fester was the "Addams Family" guru.

More than 60 percent of all U.S. televisions were tuned to CBS and Ed Sullivan on Feb. 9, 1963. A pop group from England was the guest act. The program was a bust and the group went back to Europe and disbanded weeks later. Sullivan never recovered and settled for booking a ventriloquist and his puppet mouse.

Parents of American teenagers then demanded that their kids watch Mitch Miller's bouncing balls and sing along as necessary. Late-night television was turned over to Johnny Carson (and his trusted sidekick, Tonto.)

Westerns ... Paladin, Rowdy and Gil, Matt and Miss Kitty ...

... and everyone's favorite ... the Cleavers from Southgate

Medic ...
If you can't kill 'em, heal 'em. Ben Casey, with his faithful sidekick Tonto, er ... Doctor Zorba, was a must-see. That spawned Dr. Kildare (not pictured because of its stupid theme song) and of course ...

... Nurses weren't just "Ben Casey in skirts." Who knew?

Where's the one-armed man?
Dr. Richard Kimble was a hunted man. The cops claimed he killed his wife. We all knew better, but we watched anyhow. Slick, the way he always escaped. In the end, the long arm (the other one) of the law will get ya, as the Lone Ranger and Inspector Gerard often demonstrate.
Let's just leave this one to your imagination. "Ooooooooooo doggies!"